Thursday 30th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Naomi Watanabe & Tommy Dorfman Are Fendi Baguette Friends Forever

Do you ever get dressed in the morning to go meet a friend, only to discover you came up with matching outfits? That’s what true soul-mates are like, sharing style through brain waves and positive energy. In the latest episode of Fendi’s #BaguetteFriendsForever video series, the Italian megabrand is celebrating the joy of getting ready and matchy kindred spirits with starring roles courtesy of actor Tommy Dorfman and comedian & meme queen Naomi Watanabe. Capturing the two FROWers getting ready for Fendi’s SS20 show, the video provides us with one of those fabulous trying-out-endless-outfits montages no romantic comedy would be complete without.

Once Watanabe and Dorfman each choose their own showtime lewk completed with a Baguette and find their way to the Milanese show venue, they realise their outfits make them look like part of the greatest pop duo since Same Difference of X-Factor fame. And instead of a sneaky side-eye, they embrace their matching tastes and deliver that now legendary line in perfect unison. “This is not a bag,” says Dorfman, “it’s a baguette,” adds Watanabe. And that’s how you make best friends.