Thursday 1st September

| BY Dan Richardson

New Film About Alexander McQueen And Isabella Blow In The Works


Lord knows we love a dramatic fashion tale. Particularly when it involves two figures of such great esteem as Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, pals, muses and all-round legends in their own right. The only feasible reaction? Deep excitement. Yes. Especially since the relationship between the designer and editor is fabled and the stories differ depending on who you ask. Will this finally provide the answers? There are a few details that have surfaced – it’s entitled “The Ripper”, referencing McQueen’s Central Saint Martins graduate show, titled ‘Jack the Ripper Stalks his Victims’, to which Blow bought the entire thing. Frankly I cannot wait to see who are going to play these two icons. What actress is suitably outrageous to play Isabella Blow? I mean this is the woman who deemed tap water not enough to clean her desk at US Vogue instead opting for bottled Perrier. The decadence, the opulence. Swoon! Tell us more…