Wednesday 4th April

| BY Roxy Lola

Nike Collaborate With Skepta For Their ‘London: On Air’ Program


In the words of Skepta, Nike has “day ones and new ones.” Skepta himself is what we would call a day one. He’s previously collaborated with the brand on an Air Max 97 silhouette and always has checks all over him. A match made in sneaker heaven already, but Nike is continuing the collaboration in a different way. As Nike’s On Air program is currently happening around the globe, in London, Paris, New York, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, it’s been announced that Skepta will be on the panel for the London division, selecting the next generation Air Max. The program allows sneaker heads with no prior product design experience to create their ultimate shoe based on one of the 10 Air Max silhouettes. The design brief is ‘local experience.’ Living in London, we think our sneaker would be a fiery red with speedy dashes of blue and white, so patriotic, sleek and streamlined, Air Max 97 style. As Skepta once rapped, “No sharp shoes, just Nike Air in here.” The kind of shoes that let you walk On Air. Can we create our slogan too? We would continue to divulge our fabulous designs but wouldn’t want anyone stealing them. Skepta, if you’re reading this, get in contact to make us one of the chosen ones. “Just do it.” Swoosh.