Thursday 8th December

| BY Jack Moss

NikeLab and Riccardo Tisci Reveal Their Latest Collaboration


Another delivery from the fruitful loins of NikeLab and Riccardo Tisci, who continue their longtime collaboration with a brand new pair of shoes. Well, trainers. Or should we say boots? Trainer boots – troots? Well, let’s ask the experts. “In 1990, Nike debuted the Aqua Boot, a shoe made for water sports like sailing and windsurfing that became a street style favorite,” read accompanying notes. “Over 25 years later, the sole of the Aqua Boot provides the foundation for the new NikeLab Air Zoom Legend x RT, a Chelsea boot inspired by the merging of ocean and land in Rio de Janeiro.” Either way, as you can see from the image above, they are a very handsome offering and further contend the fact that a pair of trainers need not reference two sweaty holes to place your feet when you undertake exercise. Because, as you all know, we don’t do that. As Tisci says, “I wanted to combine Nike’s rich experimentation in boot silhouettes with my love of the Chelsea Boot, in particular, shoes like the Nike Aqua Boot or SFB Boot have been equally embraced by niche sport communities and adopted as style staples.”

The NikeLab Air Zoom Legend x RT is available December 8 at NikeLab retailers and on