Wednesday 10th May

| BY Finn Blythe

NikeLab Unveil Their Latest ACG Collection


Footwear for the urban explorer that exists within us all, apparently. Does urban exploring count if it’s done whilst sat in the back of an Uber (Bond Street, office, back again)? No? Well, for you kids who take your urban exploration more seriously, and have, unlike us, utilised their feet in the last decade, allow us to introduce you to NikeLab’s latest collaborative effort with ACG (translation: All Conditions Gear). Perhaps you could even do some parkour. Isn’t that what people do these days? These seem suitable footwear to do so. I’d feel safe were these to be strapped to my feet. And when I say strapped, I mean it – these are a 4-way stretchy-strapped affair, with a quick release magnetic buckle (in case you don’t know how to tie up your laces). So what if it’s raining out? Well, not only are these shoes waterproof, but there’s a poncho that accompanies their release, and not just any poncho, but one featuring a DWR (durable water-repellant) coating, or in ordinary talk – you won’t get wet wearing it. Those NikeLab-ers have thought of everything.