Thursday 17th March

| BY Dominic Cadogan

NikeLab X Riccardo Tisci


Shock horror: I hated P.E when I was at school. I hated football. I hated rugby. I remember once playing rugby in the snow – my school was one of those that wouldn’t close ever. Chasing an oddly shaped ball in the freezing cold is not how I like to spend any of my time. I didn’t mind hockey or athletics – the summer sports but the outfits we had to wear were fucking terrible. Plimsolls and dowdy, ill-fitting shorts and shirts. If only NikeLab and Riccardo Tisci had decided to collaborate on their new training collection back then. I wouldn’t have been any better at sport but at least would’ve looked good doing it. The collaboration really is the best of both worlds. A little like Hannah Montana. On one hand you have Miley, the engineered sport side of the clothing. But on the other hand is Hannah Montana – she’s printed and floral and fun. The first part of the collection isn’t released until July, with the second part the following month. But we don’t care about that.We want it now. At least so we can pretend to use our gym memberships…