Tuesday 5th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

10 Questions with Noomi Rapace As She Leads The Cast of The Selfridges Holiday Campaign

Unless you somehow missed Mariah Carey’s add for Walkers crisps (what channel are you watching?) you know it’s that time of the year again. Just as we shove our skeletons into the backs of our wardrobes and whip out the tinsel-embellished sexy Santa lewks, the holiday season begins. And for the only other holiday ad that truly matters, our good friends at Selfridges brought together an impressive cast of talented creatives led by the one, the only, the incredible acting talent that is Noomi Rapace. In a different kind of holiday scenario, Rapace hosts a fantasy dinner with a star-studded guest list including Kim Jones, Daniel Arsham, Miguel and Adesuwa Aighewi, who end up their Christmas bash like all should – with a good ol’ rave. In this short film directed by Kanye West’s long-time collaborator Nabil Elderkin, all hell breaks loose – in the best way possible. But while we didn’t get an invite to the on-screen party, we had to get on the phone to the star of the show, our fabulous pal Noomi Rapace, and find out everything about her holiday habits. Oh, and just in case you’re one of those sarcastic snobs who thinks we’re too eager about Christmas – there’s only 7 more weeks before the Turkey hits the table! Let Noomi get you into the groove…

Dino Bonacic: If you had a carte blanche in Selfridges during Christmas, what would you buy?

Noomi Rapace: The Brasserie of Light restaurant. And host a big Christmas party for all my friends.

DB: Are you better at giving or receiving (presents)?

NR: Giving! Terrible at receiving.

DB: What’s your smell of the holiday season?

NR: Home cooked food. Last year we had a Jamaican inspired Christmas with a lot of Jamaican food so that’s my most recent Christmas scent memory.

DB: Favourite Christmas present you’ve ever received?

NR: One Christmas my son played me a song, he played the guitar and sang. Still my favourite Christmas gift!

DB: Favourite Christmas/ holiday song?

NR: North Star (Bloody Christmas) by Elliphant.

DB: What’s your best holiday party story?

NR: Last year during New Year’s week I did one of my wig parties. No one could get in without a wig. By the end of the night, everyone was exchanging wigs which led to a lot of fun and interesting confusion.

DB: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

NR: I have some amazing projects lined up that I’m excited about – I feel that 2020 is truly going to be a new chapter in my life.

DB: Can you tell us an anecdote from the set of the Selfridges holiday campaign?

NR: I brought all my friends in, my tribe. People flew in from all over the world. It was such a good moment. In the end scene I looked up and saw all my friends dancing and sweating it out, it was such a happy moment for me.

DB: What are your NYE plans?

NR: I’ll be in LA with my beloved ones. We all love music so I can only assume and hope for many hours of dancing.

DB: If you were Santa Claus, what would your outfit look like?

NR: Like a unicorn.