Thursday 15th October

| BY Jack Moss

Paul Smith: Eduardo Paolozzi Exhibition


Eduardo Paolozzi. Think you don’t know him? Well, have you ever walked past the mosaics that line the walls of Tottenham Court Road station? Yep – he did that. You’ve also probably passed by one of his many vast sculptures, dotted around London from King’s Cross to Pimlico. And if you haven’t, then you’ve definitely seen his influence – he was the first person to put the word “pop” on a Pop Art image, after all – the “bearer of the movement” according to the always reliable Google. Oooh. So, even us uncultured heathens can see he was a pretty important gentleman. To celebrate Paolozzi’s influence, Paul Smith has teamed up with Paolozzi’s daughter Emma to recreate the artist’s studio in his Albemarle Street store, coinciding with both Frieze and ‘The World Goes Pop’ at Tate Modern, where Paolozzi’s work will be displayed. Apparently the recreation bears a striking resemblance to Smith’s own office – “where a jumble of magazines, sketches, books and rare half-constructed artworks give the appearance that Eduardo has simply slipped out for a tea break.” Which is a nice thought really. Not gone, and certainly not forgotten – just popped out for a cup of tea, leaving a treasure trove of work behind.

Eduardo and Emma Paolozzi: A Celebration of Art and Life will be on show at Paul Smith, 9 Albermarle Street from 12–24 October