Friday 29th January

| BY Jack Moss

Paul Smith Receives The Légion d’honneur


Congratulations to Mr Paul Smith, who yesterday received France’s Légion d’honneur at the French Embassy. In English speak, this basically means something along the lines of “France’s highest honour”. It was established by Napolean himself, for gawd’s sake. J’adore! Oui oui, and all that. We’d love to receive such a gorge title. It’s apparently in “recognition of his career-long ties with France – his first shop, which opened in Nottingham in 1970, was called Paul Smith Vêtements pour Hommes, and six years later he showed his first menswear collection in Paris”. The lovely badge that accompanies said award was pinned upon Smith’s lapel by Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador, who said, “I am thrilled that this uniquely talented man chose to make France a focal point for his creativity and entrepreneurship. He is an inspiration to a whole generation of young designers on both sides of the Channel.” And Paul himself was similarly smitten – “I’ve had a special relationship with France for many years. I had my first fashion show in Paris in 1976  and since then I’ve had around 80 shows in the city. Outside of Paris I’ve got strong relationships all over the country. It’s a wonderful honour to receive this accolade.” Congratulations from all at 10!