Thursday 8th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Platform Magazine Spotlights Young BAME Talent on Christopher Kane’s Instagram

After a summer of Black Lives Matter protests – which continue to take place despite the serious lack of media attention – amplifying the voices of minority groups and challenging systemic racism has never been more vital. The digital magazine, Platform, does exactly this. Run by Yelena Grelet and Hannah Kerpel – both Central Saint Martins Fashion Journalism and Fashion Communication students – the platform, which is housed on Christopher Kane‘s Instagram, draws attention to young activists and BAME talent.

The magazine’s second issue is a celebration of Black History Month. “Race, gender inequality, financial difficulty and even disapproving parents continue to act as barriers in the progression of young people’s aspirations,” reads the editor’s letter. The magazine includes a feature on the Ebony Horse Club by Yelena Grelet, a community project where young adults in Brixton can “gain confidence and learn a sense of self,” whilst simultaneously finding comfort and friendship with both peers and the horses they ride! Furthermore, Platform sheds light on up and coming designers who might not otherwise receive equal attention to their white counterparts. Shashamani Jackson, for instance, a CSM knitwear designer is given the opportunity to show her “unapologetic approach to Blackness, boldness, and braiding.”

Entirely created by CSM’s students of colour, including everything from photography to writing, Platform is a perfect example of how to give a platform – pun intended – to those who, as a result of systemic racism, would feel the immense struggle of trying to overcome racial prejudices and barriers within the industry.

Top image courtesy Shashamani Jackson. Head over to Christopher Kane’s Instagram to view the Platform Issue 2 take-over here.