Tuesday 1st December

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Poetry in Motion: JW Anderson Releases an Oscar Wilde Capsule Collection

Jonathan Anderson is a poetic designer. His clothes are thoughtful, packed with insight and never fail to journey through many twists and turns before you reach the hem. It makes sense, then, that for JW Anderson’s latest capsule collection, the designer looked to poet, playwright and fellow Irishman, Oscar Wilde. The writer once said “you can never be overdressed or overeducated,” and this capsule collection is no short of sparkle.

The collection’s campaign sets Jonathan Anderson’s tranquil and romantic vision. We gaze through rose-tinted glasses at the models who pose against a floral painted backdrop. A selection of tees come emblazoned in some of Anderson’s favourite quotes from Wilde. The designer first came across the phrase, “The secret of life is art,” by chance at an auction. Handwritten by Wilde on a piece of paper, the designer felt an immediate connection with both the phase and its writer.

More of Wilde’s words feature across the collection, printed on crew necks and dangled on drop earrings, necklaces and bracelets, in Wilde’s own cursive scrawl. It’s understated and minimal yet poignant, especially during a year in which the arts – from theatre and museums, to cinema – have suffered detrimentally.

The unisex collection allows the stereotypically female floral motif to belong to all genders. The flowers of the campaign shoot are mirrored in a magnificent cropped, knitted jumper. With wide sleeves and colourful, cross-stitched embroidery, we wouldn’t be surprised if this woolly number ended up having a poem or two written about it.

Photography courtesy of JW Anderson. The JW Anderson Oscar Wilde collection will be available exclusively online from December 1 and at the brand’s London Soho flagship store from December 2.