Thursday 13th July

| BY Finn Blythe

Polo Ralph Lauren Debut Their Limited Edition Polo Collection

Hawaii: an island paradise home to beaches, grass skirts and shell bras. We’re sure there’s more, but that’s all our brains are currently capable of. The island nation also happens to be the subject of Polo Ralph Lauren’s first release from their limited edition polo series, each of which will pay homage to one of Polo’s emblematic design inspirations. The first of five, this is the Tour Jacket Polo – inspired by all those customised bomber jackets worn by US soldiers to commemorate tours of duty in Asia. It’s a sort of polo / varsity jacket / Hawaiian shirt love child.

Each polo is set to be released in limited quantities every month from today through to November – touching on inspirations from collegiate to the great outdoors. They’ve even gone to the effort of monthly articles on the subjects in the RL Mag, so that when you buy your polo, you can look up the history and influence behind each shirt. Aren’t they clever. And, each shirt will come with it’s own dinky mesh drawstring bag and collectable hangtag, which is so nice we might put some armholes in and wear that as well.