Thursday 28th March

| BY 10 Magazine

We Are Family: Polo Ralph Lauren Are Celebrating Those We Love the Most

It’s currently blasting We Are Family by Sister Sledge at Ten Towers, everyone (including Mr G Spence dancing along). Why? Well, thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren, today is all about celebrating those around us we love the most. Their new project is called Family is who you love, a campaign putting in focus a wider definition of what a family is. “It’s the true meaning of unconditional love,” says one of the Polo Ralph Lauren family members in the campaign video, reflecting exactly what it feels for us to be part of the Ten family. It’s not about where we come from and who our real parents are – we’re making our work relationships meaningful beyond just office chat. And this is exactly what Polo Ralph Lauren are promoting with the project. Family is a safe space and no one can take that away from you.

The families in focus here come from a variety of backgrounds, each showcasing the emotion transcending generations and cultures and continuing on the 50th anniversary celebration for the American designer. Models Teresa Lourenco, Yanii Gough, Marian Moneymaker and Millie Atkins represent that half a century of Ralph Lauren, joined by their loved ones to portray the ideal of a family. But despite this campaign showing only the best parts, never forget that having a family isn’t always about laughs and hugs. We fight, we get angry, and sometimes even stop talking to each other… But at the end of the day, family is love and nothing can change that. Cheers to that!