Tuesday 10th January

| BY Jack Moss

Polo Ralph Lauren Open Ralph’s Coffee & Bar In London


Currently London is being somewhat of a cruel mistress, what with the tube strikes, grey weather, traffic, ya-di-ya-dah. What better time, then, for a food-and-booze based announcement? Because as of Thursday, there is a new watering hole in the form of Ralph’s Coffee & Bar, mere yards from our office next to the Polo Ralph Lauren store on Regent Street. It’s based on the iconique Polo Bar in Manhattan, paying homage to Ralph’s horsey heritage (equestrian-based artwork alert) and echoing the club-like feel of the NY bar. Think: leather banquettes, dark wood, brass countertops. And, from what we can gather, there’s low lighting. Which always works better for us. According to the notes, there will be cocktails, coffee and “light fare” including fried olives and mixed nuts. The sort of small foods that make it easier to get drunk. Not that we would encourage that kind of behaviour in such an exclusive establishment – it only seats 36. Because let’s be honest – who wants to be surrounded by people?