Wednesday 5th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Polo Ralph Lauren Are Upcycling Their Vintage Pieces


Exciting times for all the Polo Ralph Lauren aficionados – yes, that’s us too. The brand has announced they are popping up at Selfridges with a capsule collection of upcycled vintage pieces. The Limited Edition Polo Upcycled Collection are turning fashion transformers into wardrobe staples with a twist. There’s the rugby shirt, the army jacket, the military shirt and the Oxford shirt, as well as the military trousers, a bucket hat and a messenger back. However simple those pieces might sound, they are definitely not. Including elements from classic uniform ties, military uniforms and Polo patches are find their place on these bric-a-brac-style pieces.

Each of the pieces included in the collection were dissected and then reassembled by Polo’s design team in New York and sewn in a small factory in Brooklyn. Not one piece in the collection is the same, and that is exactly the charm. Unique, one-of-a-kind, special – call it however you want. These pieces take a bunch of iconic things and make one even more iconic piece. So, put your calendar reminder on September 7th (that’s Friday for you) and head on over to the 3rd floor in London’s Selfridges on Oxford Street. It’s going to be like a vintage sale, but much less smelly and way more civilised. Count us in.

The Limited Edition Polo Upcycled Collection pop-up will be at Selfridges from September 7th to September 21st.


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