Thursday 25th July

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Prada 10 Heads The Deepest Cut I Once Had A


I once had a pageboy cut. Well, not a pageboy exactly. More a massacred bob. Cut with a pair of serrated scissors. It looked like the hair seen on the models at Prada. A short fringe and hair that goes in on one side and flicks out on the other. Needless to say, I looked nothing like a Prada boy. Or Chloë Sevigny. Which was sort of the aim. Sevigny was a Miu Miu girl back then. I wanted to be a Miu Miu girl. She had great hair. She looked a bit like a boy. Fast-forward a few years and it turns out that I am an oracle. Or more likely, Mrs Prada flipped through her archive, looking for something dishevelled. But for the purposes of this, I am an oracle. Prada man has Miu Miu hair. I remember saying to myself that, one day, traditional gender lines would become so blurred that not only would women have man hair but men would have lady hair. And that the woman who would blur these lines would go by the name of Prada. And so it has come to pass. Lady hair. On boys. At Prada. Modern.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

by Natalie Dembinska