Wednesday 11th April

| BY Roxy Lola

Prada Collaborate With Mr Porter On Bowling-Inspired Collection

prada_mainPrada and bowling. Bowling in Prada. Sounds like something we’d dream about. We dream about many activities in Prada. Always head to toe. And so they are making our dreams come true, as they so often do, collaborating with Mr Porter on a capsule collection, bowling focused. The 32-piece collab features 1950s style bowling shirts with Hawaiian and pop-cartoon prints. Classic 2018 Prada. Stripe knit t-shirts and satin jackets will all be emblazoned with exclusive Prada bowling logos. We can only imagine the boys in the Pradasphere emerging from their day jobs, office ID badge on show, off to the bowling alley. Prada prepares you for everything. Out of those all-black nylon coats and bucket hats, and into pleated trousers and mohair wool blazers. Letting go. Cap-toed derbies and sneakers in nubuck and deer skin, too. Whatever works. Miuccia Prada always knows what works best. We await the inevitable opening of a Prada-fied bowling lounge where we will hang out, sliding around on that wooden floor, one leg behind the other, crouched low and ripping the rack, strike after strike. We’ve found ourselves Googling bowling terms. We’d like to think we are now experts. Prada’s influence. Only for them. The collection launches on Mr Porter on April 25th.