Tuesday 29th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Prada Release Nylon Farm Series

There are few things we treasure in life like we do some good Prada nylon. It never fails us. Highly coveted. All this time we’ve thought that it’s being created in the Prada labs out in Milan. Miuccia Prada’s domain. Turns out we were wrong, it’s much more exciting. It all happens at a place called the Nylon Farm. Yes, such a farm exits, eerily sterile, surreal but so chic, of course. This is not the future, this is happening right now in that other universe in which the Pradasphere exists. We don’t have 100% confirmation whether this place is real, but we do know it’s part of Prada’s new four part series entitled Nylon Farm. They always do a good series. Inside this fashion farm are cyborg nylon sheep that inhabit the space with their synthetic fleece harvested through new technological advancements. Artificial intelligence is key here, probably why their nylon is always so flawless, but this is Prada and so humans still dominate. Keep in mind this is also a series so, plot twist alert, “nylon protocol, anomaly detected,” presents a problem. Could this be a human error? Only time will tell. Oh, the suspense. The next chapter drops on June 1st. Keeping it coming hard and fast. Miuccia is such a mastermind.