Monday 13th April

| BY Paul Toner

It’s Time to Get Chatty With ‘Prada Possible Conversations’

We all love a good chit chat, especially nowadays. Who would’ve thought how giddy we could all get over four-way Facetime calls and virtual Zoom pub quizzes? The latter is a rather wholesome way to spend a Saturday evening but you’re probably getting a little tired of your dad’s Christmas cracker jokes by now, and are looking for something a little more fulfilling… That’s where Prada comes in. The house has launched a series of digital talks via Instagram. These chinwags will be held under the Prada Possible Conversations umbrella, uniting international industry figureheads on discussions around art, architecture, and cinema, as well as conversations surrounding philosophy, psychology, literature, and of course, fashion.

In March it was announced  Miuccia Prada, alongside her company’s co-CEO Patrizio Bertelli and company chairman Carlo Mazzi, had provided two complete intensive care and resuscitation units across the three biggest hospitals in Milan. Each conversation held on Prada’s Instagram will result in an additional financial donation to UNESCO for its work tackling the COVID-19 virus. Things kick off tomorrow, where fashion critic (and 10 extended family member) Alexander Fury will be joined by author, curator and the artistic director of Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture Residency, Pamela Golbin. Get your popcorn at the ready.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans. The ‘Prada Possible Conversations’ series kicks off tomorrow, April 14th, at 5 pm BST, only at @prada