Prada Unveil Prada365, Their New Advertising Strategy


What, exactly, does a “continuous visual data stream” look like? More specifically, a “continuous visual data stream” of Prada? I mean, as people who worship at the altar of Miuccia Prada daily (ritual sacrifices, dead sheep, that kind of thing), we’re happy to mainline it straight into any available vein-slash-artery. Because this, from what we understand, is all Prada, all of the time. Hence why it’s called Prada365 and will become Miuccia’s new way of advertising – encompassing print, online and social media, rejecting the idea of a singular campaign each season. You know that Ms Prada gets bored easily. She wants more. Why communicate just one message each season? As Fabio Zambernardi, Prada’s design director said to BoF, “we wanted to try how that could be different. Why don’t we just do smaller concepts, faster, more immediate, showing different women? We always show so many different types of women anyway, and Miuccia liked the idea of appealing to different points of view.” It’s going to be more spontaneous. More of a collaboration, utilising different photographers. About creating something unique, whether you step into a store in London, New York or St Barts. And all with be renewed focus on actual product. Miuccia knows she can get a bit caught up in the theoretical. It’s time to get real. “If you have genius ideas, you have to make them attractive,” she said to BoF. “Otherwise no one listens. In my job, it’s the same.” So, to begin? We have the very first Prada365 campaign, shot by Willy Vanderperre and transporting us, in the process from beach to rooftop to office (including an appearance from Mr Jude Law in the men’s campaign). Because who would not want to be, as Chaka Khan was, every woman? Or man, for that matter? Especially when said man/woman is dressed in top-to-toe Prada?

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