Wednesday 30th April

| BY 10Magazine

Pradasphere At Harrods Not Being Will And Ted


Not being Will and Ted, mine and Vincent’s adventure was probably less exciting than their usual escapades but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t exciting and that we weren’t excited. In fact we were so excited we showed up an hour earlier than we were supposed to. The Pradasphere is like a visual 3D history of Prada, organised like a natural history museum. Like a natural history musuem, it breaks Prada up into it’s component pieces. It’s not about seasons, men or women, it’s about ideas, an exploration of the ideas that have formed Mrs Prada’s work over the years, European history, modernism, animality, extremism and femasculinity; the blurring of lines between male and female. It might just be the most beautiful natural history museum ever created. Sadly it’s only open for four weeks.

By Natalie Dembinska