Monday 19th October

| BY Jack Moss

Pringle: Deconstructed

Everybody knows that Pringle of Scotland’s knitwear is the pinnacle of luxury and class. Especially when it’s in cashmere. For what says “I’ve made it” more than wrapping yourself up in the extra-soft fibres of a goat, handcrafted into those classic Argyll diamonds? And you know what else says luxury? Bespoke – that thing that allows people of great riches to demand “I want this, but I hate the colour, please change it for me now” or “yes, monogram it all!”. So what if we were to say that you could combine the two by customising your next cashmere purchase? Well, that would be true luxury, wouldn’t it? Thank God then, for Pringle’s fancy new internet platform, Deconstructed, that allows you to fully personalise your new jumper or twin set. And we don’t just mean an initial here and there, oh no, this is a full body transformation a la Heidi Montag of the Hills – allowing you to tonally transform the brand’s classic designs by choosing your style, colour and pattern, and even adding a monogram if you are planning to hobnob with the upper classes.

It’s all to celebrate a very impressive 200 years since Pringle of Scotland was spawned upon the Scottish Borders by Robert Pringle in the year 1815. “We are thrilled to be showcasing Scottish cashmere and manufacturing with the deconstructed program. it is a fantastic showcase for our partners delivering unique Scottish cashmere styles within just six weeks”, says Head of Design, Massimo Nicosia. And, if like us you are of the indecisive persuasion, then just steal the ideas of the “influencers” that have already designed a special piece – like Manolo Blahnik, Tilda Swinton, Carla Sozzani, Caroline Issa, Bryan Boy, Luke Treadaway, Dylan Jones and Nick Wooster. We’d say they were a pretty decent crowd to follow.

Pringle: Deconstructed is available for both women and men, online and in selected stores – watch the special video above to watch the whole process…