Monday 27th November

| BY Finn Blythe

Print Your Own Balenciaga Tees At Their New Dover Street Market Copyshop


Being the law-abiding citizens we are (mostly), bootleg wares are a no no. That said, having been denied the pleasure of a rich father (slash mother) figure (we’ve tried) – the knock-off is fairly appealing. Which is okay to admit now, because taste-peddlers Balenciaga have condoned it with the reveal of their new Dover Street Market “copyshop.” Courtesy of two work stations that are to be set up in-store as an office-style printing facility, visitors will be the masters of their own design, which will materialise instantly in front of their eyes, presumably still warm off the press.

For those of you, like us, without a whiff of artistic guile about you, fret not, because you will be granted access to an entire library of Balenciaga graphics and logo types, meaning all that is required from you is to select what you want, adjust its position via some touch-screen wizardry and hit print. Easy. The t-shirts, available for both men and women in two alternative fits, come in shades of white, grey, black and red as well as ‘BALENCIAGA DO IT YOURSELF Ts’ emblazoned across the back, presumably to abstain them of any responsibility for your monstrosity of a design (joking, obv). To sweeten the deal, on the opening day (November 30th) of the event, an exclusive colour of the Balenciaga Triple S trainer will be available in DSM’s the world over. Start queuing.

The Balenciaga copyshop will be installed at Dover Street Market, London, from November 30th to December 17th 2017 /