Monday 30th January

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Proenza Schouler To Move Show To Paris Couture Week


Do you feel that in the air? No, this isn’t the beginning of an optimistic Disney song performed by the protagonist before a difficult challenge, I’m talking about real life. Change is in the air. Whether we like it or not. Trump, Brexit, the members of the Sugababes (probably). And as always, isn’t it funny when life imitates art, or rather art imitates life? For every change out there in the big, bad world there seems to be another change in the world of fashion. Men’s combining with women’s, women’s combining with men’s, creative directors moving all over the show. And now this. The latest move is by the boys at Proenza Schouler. For one season only they’re upping sticks and moving to the City of Lights, gay Paris. Exciting. Switching a New York bagel for a croque-monsieur. They’re not just moving to Paris though, they’re moving from the traditional RTW schedule and joining the big wigs of Couture. So if you have a Proenza clock set, you should move it to July. Fear not though, they are still staying in the Big Apple for their AW17 show in February. Bon voyage boys, we will see you there.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans