Wednesday 8th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

Raf Simons Is Being Honoured for his Calvin Klein Quilts



This is looking like a good week for fashion designers at museums. First it was Virgil’s retrospective at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Arts and now it’s the king of New-age Americana himself. Raf Simons is being honoured by the American Folk Art Museum in New York for the eye-catching quilts he’s been designing at Calvin Klein. Heading the new movement of fashion houses delving into homeware, you’ve probably seen Raf’s intricate quilting work walking the catwalk at his CK shows, inside the flagship store, as well as part of the fabulous chairs he created for the Design Miami/ Basel fair this year. Always the one to transform something old and stuffy into the most covetable piece of fashion most people would want to queue for, the AFAM honours are just a confirmation that Raf Simons is one of the designers whose influence goes beyond just the front rows of catwalks. Sourced from vintage American quilts and reworked into exuberant contemporary designs, the Calvin Klein by Raf Simons quilts are exactly what we need hanging on the walls of Ten Towers right now. The gala is being held on October 2nd in NYC so hurry up and find a quilting class somewhere near you, make a big “I <3 RAF” quilt and go queue in front of the Ziegfield Ballroom. Perhaps Raf will hire you in his future Calvin Klein quilting department? It’s worth a try.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans