Sunday 23rd February

| BY Dino Bonacic

Dream Team: Raf Simons & Miuccia Prada Are Now Co-Creative Directors of Prada

Yes, the rumours are true-mors. As announced at a press conference as part of Milan Fashion Week today, two of fashion industry’s faves are joining arms to create some magic. Raf Simons has joined the Prada house as co-creative directors with Lady Miuccia “with equal responsibilities for creative input and decision-making.”

As the press-release goes on, it’s clear that there’s a true creative romance going on between these two: “This partnership, encompassing all creative facets of the Prada label, is born from a deep reciprocal respect and from an open conversation – it is a mutual decision, proposed and determined by both parties. It opens a new dialogue, between designers widely acknowledged as two of the most important and influential of today. Conceptually, it is also a new approach to the very definition of creative direction for a fashion brand – a strong challenge to the idea of singularity of creative authorship, whilst also a bold reinforcement of the importance and power of creativity in a shifting cultural landscape.” The duo will showcase their first joint vision in September for the Prada women’s show during Milan Fashion Week.

In a time where so much of not only our industry but also the world seems uncertain, it’s inspiring to see two geniuses coming together to take creativity and innovation further than they could individually. Simons and Prada are making a statement by leaving their individual egos aside and entering a marriage that could only bring together more goodness. In fashion terms, this is the equivalent of a royal wedding everyone always hoped for, but no one actually expected to become a reality. Just as we thought we couldn’t be surprised…