Thursday 4th June

| BY 10Magazine

Ralph Lauren At Wimbledon

Wimbledon. Home of the Wombles. Also, home of world’s oldest tennis tournament of which Ralph Lauren is, for the tenth year running, the official outfitter. So when, in a couple of weeks, you switch on the telly to watch Wimbledon and notice how well-dressed the ball boys and girls, umpires and linesmen are, you’ll know who has outfitted them. But it doesn’t stop there. Hell to the no. To celebrate its tenth anniversary of outfitting Wimbledon’s staff, the clothing company is also releasing some womenswear pieces – all very preppy, naturally – as well as some menswear pieces, which can be worn on and off court. It’s these pieces that we think would suit Will, our newly-promoted Junior Fashion Editor and resident Tim Henman lookalike. So come 19th September (Wee Willy Wintour’s very special day) we know exactly what we’ll be buying him. A sleeveless cotton and cashmere V-neck cricket sweater. DI-VINE.

By Ted Stansfield