Friday 13th April

| BY Roxy Lola

Ralph Lauren Celebrate the Polo Shirt

rl_mainIf we were asked to describe Ralph Lauren in one word, it would be Polo. Obviously. We don’t play polo, but we wear it well. It’s all part of our wannabe American dream look, always channelling Ralph. “Classic, to me, is something that’s timeless, enduring,” says Mr. Lauren. “The things that never go out of style. Polo, the kinds of clothes I design are the kinds of things I believe in, the kinds of things that last forever. I love things that stay.” Yes, Ralph Lauren is forever in our hearts and wardrobes. So to celebrate the shirt, all the fabulous people, specifically hosts Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley made their way down to Polo Ralph Lauren’s Regent Street flagship store yesterday to work that Polo. And don’t they look good. More proof of the iconic polo reign. Anywhere and everywhere. We highly recommend, although we expect everyone already has one or many. Like a not-so-secret elite club. “Ralphs House”. Dress: polo shirt. Lets make it happen.

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