Thursday 20th June

| BY 10 Magazine

En Garde! These Are 10 of Our Favourite Knights, In Honour of Ralph Lauren’s New Knighthood

We are all seeking our own knight in shining armour, aren’t we? Sadly, they don’t come too often these days. Thankfully, Ralph Lauren has been smartening up boys into men across the globe for decades– clad in a crisp Ralph polo, even the most immature of boys could be transformed into the most charming of gentlemen. It’s fitting then that Ralph Lauren became the first American fashion designer to receive a Knighthood for fashion. The 79-year old legend received the honour from Prince Charles yesterday afternoon at the Buckingham Palace. And we couldn’t think of a fashion icon more deserving – with a career spanning over five decades, Lauren has crafted a style which blends a sense of English properness with classic Americana, making accessible clothes for every kind of individual. The knighthood also acknowledges the designer’s tremendous charity work, in particular the Ralph Lauren Corporation’s extensive research and generous donations toward The Ralph Lauren Centre for Breast Cancer Research, which opened at The Royal Marsden in London back in June 2016. In tribute to the momentous honour for Lauren, we celebrate with a list starring 10 of our favourite knights. These are the people we’d trust with defending the Ten Towers – Mister Lauren included:


We couldn’t make a list about knights without the OG, Sir Lancelot. Our definite favourite of the Knights of the Round Table – mostly thanks to that truly iconic choppy blonde bob. So smooth, so silky – who would’ve thought Head & Shoulders was a thing in Camelot.


There’s no doubt that Sean Connery is the best Bond to date. With his smouldering good looks and a cigarette always in hand, Connery always looked effortlessly cool even when he had to fend to save the world. And can we just talk about that kilt he wore to receive his honour – Charles Jeffrey eat your heart out.


The first black actor to receive an Oscar for a male lead, Sidney Poitier is a living Hollywood legend who absolutely deserves to be called a Sir. And not only is he a great actor, but an even greater human being always recognised for his artistic and social contributions.


The first of our two badass women on the list, Joan of Arc defied gender roles before anyone even recognised it. Although she never received the royal recognition knighthood, she was later proclaimed a saint. Just look at that stance – pure star power.


Always wearing his best armour, Sir Elton John is the kind of knight that will both defend and entertain, giving everyone. what they deserve. F-U-N.


The voice that launched a thousand – pardon, millions of – tears, David Attenborough is at one with flora and fauna. There’s no surprise then he’s got every royal title imaginable attached to his Sunday best.  OM, CH, CVO… Add OTT to that list. Yes, that’s Order of Ten Towers.


Before we move along, consider this your GAME OF THRONES SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t seen the final season (and you wish to) – please skip to the next knight. In UK, women aren’t eligible to receive knighthood, instead being awarded with damehood (we’d like to question that decision BTW). Luckily, the Kingslayer loves to break rules and Brienne of Tarth was the first female to be titled a knight of The North. We can only hope the British royals will follow.


Who even needs a suit of armour when you’re the Hoff. With those gorgeous curls and some serious fashions, his sleek talking car drove straight from the TV screen into our hearts as he holds a special place as one of our all time TV heroes. Knight indeed.


No list would be complete without Christian Bale. That’s a fact. His take on Batman will forever be remembered as one of best on-screen superheroes, and for that we’d like to invite the Dark Night back into our lives. In the words of the elusive chanteuse that is Shakira: “Whenever, wherever.”