Thursday 13th September

| BY 10Magazine

Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week Wouldnt It


Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a Ralph Lauren world? A world of dark wooden furniture, cashmere knits and riding/shooting weekends in the country (god it sounds like my weekends in Devon, not!). A butler, you’d have to have a butler, and he’d bring you a Vodka Soda mid afternoon and he would so double as my personal trainer so he would have to be hot too. Ralph’s shows are always an adventure into retro beauty with more than a nod to an age of English Aristocracy and a costume drama – I’m talking big budget stuff more BBC than ITV. I’m currently addicted to Parade’s End on the Beeb. This time he’s so been holidaying in Spain or Mexico. I so want one of the hats. Love you Mr Lauren. Adopt me please pretty please. I could look great in tweed?

By Antony Miles with a little help from Jack.