Friday 9th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Chaos Teams up with Uniqlo for the #RealTalk UT Collection

The French have the expression ‘l’espirit de l’esclalier’ to describe the feeling after not saying something or saying it too late. Unfortunately, for us Brits, the English language isn’t nearly as romantic – several Love Island colloquialisms come to mind… Uniqlo, however, has collaborated with the London based accessories and lifestyle brand Chaos to provide you with a range of simple, yet effective T-Shirts that say everything for you.

For the Uniqlo T-Shirt collection, Chaos creative masterminds, Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall, have drawn from the Japanese brand’s graphics and vintage aesthetic. “Focusing on the ordinary, unadorned styles of girls, this collection highlights, as reflected in the collection name, the real talk of girls conveyed in a distinctively Chaos style,” reads the press release. The collection encourages honesty and humour, with bold, colourful and more importantly loud tees with slogans like “Can’t talk” and “Unavailable”.

If you did need another reason to head down to your local Uniqlo, the collection isn’t limited to tees, but hoodies too, ideal for layering up as the weather gets colder. In any case, we will be stocking up on as much of this collab as we can possibly get our hands on – after all, a T-Shirt does speak a thousand words.

Photography courtesy of Uniqlo. The #REALTALK Chaos UT collaboration is available online and in Uniqlo stores now.