Wednesday 11th October

| BY Finn Blythe

Riccardo Tisci and NikeLab Present Their Latest Basketball-Inspired Collection

Riccardo Tisci NikeLab 1

“In the 90s, basketball players became kind of like rock stars” says Riccardo Tisci of his latest offering with Nike, the NikeLab x RT Victorious Minotaur collection revealed yesterday. “But now, they are more than rock stars. They’re superhuman – representative of historic mythology”. We’ll have to take his word for it – we’re not experts in the subject of, well… any sports. When it comes to nice clothes however, the ground is decidedly firmer beneath our feet – and that’s exactly where we find ourselves with this latest offering from Tisci and NikeLab. Typically for Tisci, the collection, which consists of four pieces for men and three for women (sorry girls), aims to propel contemporary sports style into a new, more elegant era.

The blueprint for his vision? That aforementioned superhuman crop of basketball players that, through the ages, have captivated Tisci, not only on the court but off it too, in the way they have seamlessly blended their sporty wares with something altogether more timeless and elegant. Imagine if they all played for the same team. Kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters but if fashion nouse trumped actual sporting ability. That’s basically who Riccardo designed this collection for: his very own fictional team, the Victorious Minotaurs. He probably made himself coach too.

The NikeLab x RT Victorious Minotaurs collection launches October 12 in North America, October 20 in Paris and October 21 globally at NikeLab stores and

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