Thursday 2nd February

| BY Jack Moss

Riccardo Tisci Comfirms That He Is Leaving Givenchy


Nooooooo! Collective gasps and a few shed tears in Ten Towers this afternoon as news breaks that Riccardo Tisci has announced that he is departing Givenchy after a 12-year tenure, confirming that his AW17 menswear collection was the final collection for the house. The last pieces of work to come from Riccardo’s glorious fashion brain will be seen at the Oscars, where he has apparently created a handful of custom gowns. But that’s all folks – in light of his departure, the house will not show a collection at Paris Fashion Week this season. Tisci said via a statement: “I have very special affection for the House of Givenchy and its beautiful teams. I want to thank the LVMH group and Monsieur Bernard Arnault for giving me the platform to express my creativity over the years. I now wish to focus on my personal interests and passions.” Wah. If you need us we’ll be in a foetal position somewhere, asking ourselves questions like: is he really, as rumour has it, heading for Versace? Who will take over Givenchy? And, most importantly, where will we spend our hard earned dollar now? We’ll miss you Riccardo and the years of breathtaking designs you have bestowed upon us – all of Ten Towers wish you the best of luck with whatever is next. And the rest of you – stay tuned…

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans