Wednesday 5th April

| BY 10 Magazine

Richard Gray Is 10 and 10 Men’s Senior Editor-at-Large

Richard Gray

“Eye by gum can your belly touch your bum? Do your teets hang low? Do you tie them in a bow?!”

Yes, just a couple of lines of off-the-cuff poetry we uttered, when news of a “power lunch” between gorge gigglebox and mother of the house of 10, Sophia, and slightly balding (in a hot way) forty-something fashion type Richard Gray (ex fashion and creative director of The Sunday Times Style) reached 10 Towers.

Turns out that the fabulous Richard Gray (slightly balding in a hot way) is the new Senior Editor At Large at 10 and 10 Men!!!

And, he starts “IMMEDIATLEY”!

Blimey. Thank the mode gods: Richard Gray is back at 10 after an 8-year hiatus at Style.

We predict laughing fits galore and multiple tales of reckless abandon and Junya-clad beer drinking. Hurrah!

Welcome home to 10 Towers Dicky Gray, we want your word babies.