Saturday 16th April

| BY Jack Moss

Rihanna Gets Her Own LVMH Make-up Line

Rihanna Dior

We can think of worse things in life than having Rihanna slathered all over our faces. Or arms, legs, arses – or wherever else you choose to place make-up upon your body. We don’t judge. Those cheeks don’t smooth themselves. Because, Rihanna, Princess RiRi, our Bajan kween of all things is getting a fully fledged cosmetic line with luxury giants LVMH entitled “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna”. Because, as one “veteran cosmetics executive” said “everything with her is off the charts.” Why you choosing to be unnamed Mr Cosmetics Exec? Sing your Rihanna love loud and proud! Like David Suliteanu, chief executive of Kendo, the cosmetic subsidiary of LVMH, who knows what’s up. “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience,” he said. “We are aiming for the stars.” And Rihanna is getting 10 mill for the deal. Apparently. If you need her she’s probably rolling around in a fat old pile o’cash. Bitch already got her moneys.

Photograph from Dior Mag, photographed by Craig McDean