Wednesday 9th October

| BY Emily Keogh

All Hail Queen Ri – Here’s 10 Memes We Hope to Find in Rihanna’s New Visual Autobiography

Just as we thought she has done it all, there she goes and strikes again. The power force that is Bad Gal Riri announced on her Instagram earlier this week that she is releasing her first book. The self-titled 504-page visual autobiography will be released tomorrow. Taking five years to create, it will contain over 1000 images telling her tale – from Bajan beginnings to worldwide success. Though our bank balances may not agree, this book (unofficially known as the Riri Bible) is a coffee-table must-have. Announced by Phaidon today, Rihanna will cover Fenty’s life as an “artist, performer, designer, and entrepreneur,” through intimate imagery, some of which we’ve never seen before (*deep breath*).

Of her next power move, Riri said she’s “happy to finally share this collection of incredible memories. Thank you to all of the photographers and artists that contributed and to Phaidon for working with me to publish my first piece of art in a new industry!” If all that wasn’t enough, the artist has collaborated with American sculptors, the Haas Brothers, on creating three custom book stands which reference the singer’s own hands. And if you’re feeling really bougie (and when are we not?), there’s a mega limited-edition signed edition option – Rihanna: Luxury Supreme, one of which has already been bought by Cardi B at $111,000 at Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball. 

But what’s exactly hiding within the hard covers? We predict a range of jaw-dropping looks and colourful hairstyles, and even secretly hope for a few unforgettable viral moments. So, in celebration of tomorrow’s launch, we bring you 10 of our favourite Riri memes we hope to find while flicking through Rihanna…

‘Rihanna’ is launching tomorrow, October 10th in selected stores.