Thursday 11th May

| BY Finn Blythe

Rodarte Sisters Release Trailer For Their Debut Film ‘Woodshock’

The Rodarte sisters, adding another string to their already well strung bow, are making a movie. It’s called Woodshock, and it stars longtime muse Kirsten Dunst. And there’s a trailer! Allow us to deconstruct. Or, for those who don’t wish to listen to our vaguely erratic ramblings, just click play above. It’s probably easier. There’s plenty to sink your teeth into here. Redwood forests, Kiki in a nightie (we’re a little worried about the lack of shoes), tragic/mourning vibes. And then… is Ms Dunst rolling a naughty cigarette? Some kneeling at mothers bed, feeding mother said naughty cigarette as any good daughter should, and some moody face-reflected-in-glass-whilst-raining. Cue liquid cannabinoid sniffing (we’re not sure, we’re too innocent, but that’s what the notes say), eerie music, a big crescendo and then a rhetorical question: “what did you do Theresa?” Who Theresa is, what she did, and what this film is actually about is still open to interpretation, but either way, it looks incredibly beautiful. Would you expect anything less? The Rodarte sisters breathe beauty. It’s out September 15th – mark your diaries.