Tuesday 18th August

| BY Paul Toner

Make-It-Yourself: Roland Mouret Launches A Series of Tutorials For Creating At Home

Hang up your baking apron and pick up the scissors, because Roland Mouret’s got a new post-Lockdown hobby for you to sink your teeth into. Inspired by the revival of homespun creativity during the pandemic, the London-based designer has created a tutorial series of eight Roland Mouret designs that can be made from home. How generous! Over the next few weeks, you can learn how to make bento-style bags, elevated scarf tops and sarong skirts. There’s no need to head to your local fabric shop for elegant silks or fine cashmere, however. These creations can be made from and old fabric and ribbon you have dotted round the house. “[The project] came together through two motivations,” says Mouret. The first was I think quarantine allowed us to think about creativity without the impulse to produce anything new. I felt inspired by people thinking more resourcefully by taking up craft projects at home. The second motivation was that South of France relaxed summer attitude which I thought everyone could appreciate a little of right now.”

Each pattern takes its inspiration from Mouret’s own nostalgic memories of Mediterranean summers – with each separate design taking its cues from romantic holiday dressing “I’ve always been influenced by the way Mediterranean women dress and how they use what’s around, like a silk scarf and a necklace, to create an outfit for a drink on the terrazzo. There is magic in that simple attitude,” the designer adds. Who would’ve thought something you had just lying around your house could become a Roland Mouret-designed masterpiece? Perfect for all sorts of stay-cations.

Stay tuned to Roland Mouret’s for all the ‘Make-it-Yourself’ tutorials.