Friday 27th May

| BY 10Magazine


I’ve got to stop saying ‘press release reads’ in these posts….but It’s a neat little way of hooking you in isn’t it? We don’t all receive exciting tid bits of culture via email, and sharing is caring as my primary school moto used to say. So…….press release reads ‘celebrating the sweet and fleeting state of youth.’ Yes it has been fleeting hasn’t it? One minute I’m 15 and downing WKD in a park….and the next minute I’m making weekend trips to Ikea for stupid things called Liatorps. Wish I’d fitted a few more Mcginley style moments in between….running around…getting naked….maybe some fireworks? Failing that I’ll pick up the next issue of Mono Kultur. The Spring 2011 issue. Ah-mazong!

by Vincent Levy