Friday 6th April

| BY Finn Blythe

Saddle Up: Dior Are Heading To Chantilly Stables For Their 2019 Cruise Show

DDCruise shows are usually a good occasion for esteemed Houses to align themselves with opulence and glamour, freighting the world’s fashion press to the shiniest corners of the globe for a dose of unadulterated fantasy. For Creative Directors and suchlike, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, for *the rest of us*, it’s a chance to look at some pictures of said shiny corners and sigh. Cue Chantilly Stables. It’s a palace for horses. A horse palace. Built almost 500 hundred years ago, its the biggest stables in Europe whose history is intertwined with that of Christian Dior and his successors at the House. Remember all that Gatsby-esque Chantilly lace? It’s a favourite of Dior’s, who have carried the hallowed name of Chantilly throughout the ages. Now, for their 2019 Cruise show, they will be heading to this Mecca of the equestrian world on the 25th May. And, if you’re thinking about gatecrashing (don’t try this – believe us) it’s going to be at the Grandes Écuries of the Domaine de Chantilly, which is about an hour in the car from Paris.