Wednesday 1st August

| BY Dino Bonacic


I know. Cool is so overused. Most of the time it doesn’t even mean anything. But there’s also situations when you can’t use any other word. Just look at the images above. Neet? Swell? Divine? Nah, it’s as cool as they come. Our Saint Laurent darling, Anthony Vaccarello invited his favourite group of muses (who just happen to be some of the hottest models right now) into a summer house in Palermo, Italy for what turned out to be the most Fashion (yes, spelled with a capital F) weekend getaway all the rest of us missed out on. Thankfully, the bunch was given a camera, just so we can vicariously experience those couple of days. Covered head to toe in Saint Laurent’s sexy bohemia, Mica Arganaraz, Kiki Willems, Kaia Gerber, Paul Hameline and the rest of the Vaccarello gang all indulged in a kind of lifestyle that made them look like the 2018 version of the Bloomsbury group (but make it fashion). Mica is obviously the Dora Carrington, Kaia is Virginia Woolf, and Paul plays a moodier version of Edward Morgan Forster. Red wine was spilled, bread-crumbs and cigarette buds all over the place, the gals and guys are tipsily jumping into the pool and turning the night into one big dance party with Jefferson Airplane playing in the background. The next morning might have been rough, but not as rough as my FOMO. Next time, Anthony? I’ll bring our own skinny scarf and platform heels.