Wednesday 13th April

| BY 10Magazine


I was impressed with Simone Rocha’s collection. it was a confident and mature collection with a very deconstructed  eye on clothes and the way they are worn: contrasting fabrics combined in outfits in a subversive way: thick and thin used in peculiar places: see through pale skirts showing tucked in pink shirts. Thick cabled knit lining under see through skirts. Some great variation on the theme of the shirt: a white leather one with cut out slits, bright bibs under see through shirt, solid collars attached to fine bodices… I would wear so many of them!!

The outerwear was fun as well: a light wool jacket with thick lamb’s skin sleeves but a big bold shaped lamb’s skin jacket was my favourite one….. A beautiful play on feminine/ masculine concepts in clothing; men’s wear clothing subtly refined to extreme! It was very playful but managing to create a sophisticated feminine mood. The attention to detail was subtle and delightful. The shoes were great fun…not convinced that they were that wearable but were a great concept on the catwalk: brogues tipped on blocks of coloured see through perspex to create a high heel!! The girls were managing very well!!!

by Tiphaine Chapman