Tuesday 7th September

| BY Andrea Sacal

Skate The Strand With Vans and Somerset House

After unveiling the immersive “No Comply” skateboarding exhibition at London’s Somerset House a few months back, the city is now back again with some more ruthless skate antics.

Marking the close of “No Comply”, A new collaborative project between Vans, Westminister City Council and Somerset House is on the way! This time around, the trifecta brings us “Skate The Strand”, a unique two-week project packed full of free skateboarding events and activities, bringing new life to one of the city’s busiest streets. If you’ve ever dreamed of a built-up skatepark in the heart of the strand, then now is your chance to make those dreams a reality. The two-week-long programming includes free skate lessons for all, pro demos and open public skate sessions that allow fun and collaboration between like-minded skateboarders.

Europe’s leading skatepark designers, Betongpark, have created a temporary, street-inspired skate setup that can be enjoyed by skaters far and wide, no matter the level. The project’s objective is to promote skateable architecture that can be integrated into public spaces in a smooth yet enriching manner. These spaces are meant to act as landmarks, celebrating the sport of skateboarding and the positive effects that it has on local communities, mental health and well-being.

“Skate The Strand” marks the beginning of a new vision for the city landmark, aiming to redevelop the area from a busy car-filled street to a pedestrian-focused destination for all.

Image courtesy of Somerset House. Skate The Strand is open from 8-24 September on the Strand Aldwych.