Sofia Richie is the Face of Weekend Max Mara’s New Capsule Collection

Making her Max Mara debut, Sofia Richie is the face of Weekend Max Mara’s new capsule collection for SS21. Designed in collaboration with the prolific pop artist Donald Robertson, the brand has graced us with a fun-loving vision of the dog days to come. Roberston, whose 30-plus-year career as an illustrator creating colourful artworks and witty cartoonish character compositions, says: “It’s all very fun! Easy breezy. Or tongue-in-chic as I call it.”

Dubbed Flutterflies, it’s a refreshing collection rife with eclectic colours, vibrant tape-inspired stripes, and graphic reiterations of Robertson’s anfractuous handwriting. Down to the motley trainers and a reworked rendition of the iconic Pasticcino Bag, the free-spirited collection is evocative of an idyllic Italian lifestyle. As always, the house has accomplished a mix of clean, crisp silhouettes and prismatic feel-good prints, with glorious garments like a graphic A-line dress swathed in butterfly motifs – the butterfly, an enduring symbol for Weekend Max Mara.

Seen as vivid prints or hand-cut from coloured gaffer tape, delicate butterfly emblems ripple from beginning to end with a subtle air of childish roughness. The campaign takes place in a tropical garden, and photographer Dewey Nicks effectively captures the breezy feel that flutters throughout. The composed set of elegant images are enveloped by luscious palms and subdued succulents, as the captivating model dances about in Weekend Max Mara’s Signature kaleidoscope capsule collection.

Photography by Dewey Nicks. Explore the collection here.