Friday 2nd December

| BY Jack Moss

Sophia’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 Boomerangs

Boomerangs. Not of the spinny Australian type, but of the newfangled, back and forth video, app type. Because if, like us, you are on a massive Victoria’s Secret comedown (is this what being an alcoholic feels like?) you’re gagging for just a bit more behind-the-scenes action from the VS Fashion Show which happened in Paris on Wednesday. So, satiate your appetite for all things Angel with these boomerangs taken by our Editor-in-Chief and Victoria’s Secret – Bella! Cindy! Sara! Stella! Dilone! Alessandro! All in moving technicolor. Don’t say we don’t spoil you. Get ready to get hypnotised.

Cindy Bruna


Show Day : Another glorious Victoria’s Secret Show @victoriassecret done and dusted after eleven months of focus from theme concepts to show just feels so sad that it’s over! Just like leaving the best party where you never want it to end! The only thing that’s making my heart skip a beat now is the fact that we are working on themes and ideas for the next show already! Thank you to all my beautiful gorgeous people that made this dream a reality so so so many but special thanks to the dreamers and those who made every whim a reality nothing not a single thing would of happened from all gorgeous girls to every artizan, but to the core @monica.mitro @ed_razek @sophialidz @garthspencer @kjohnson112 @meganmiller91 and of course the amazing @johndavidpfeiffer ENDLESS LOVE!! Sophia Neophitou #victoriassecretfashionshow #victoriassecret #vsfs2016 #lovemyjob #vsfashiinshion thankyou too to gorgeous girl @cindybruna and to @brian_atwood for make there killer fringes boots and the gorgeous @arpanaraya for the most spectacular jewellery.

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It’s show time Dilone’s @_dilone first ever VS show such an energy what this day always need so happy and lucky to be part of this journey more to come!! Sophia Neophitou #vsfashionshow2016 #lovemyjob #perfectday #dilone #vsfs2016 #victoriassecret #firstshow

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Bella Hadid


Countdown: Two more days to the show tomorrow today and tomorrow OMG a year of work all happening in the Grand Palais so exciting full show wing rehearsal today I can’t wait the music the girls the wings just going to be amazing! This little beauty @bellahadid rocking our world today shoes @brain_atwood @eddieborgo Sophia Neophitou #vsfashionshow #vsfs2016 #lovemyjob #perfectday #bellahadid #victoriassecret

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Sara Sampaio


Countdown : Three more days to the show fitting the amazing Lady Gaga today one of the most wonderous experiences, Victorias Secret all girl photocalls and hair and makeup test @anthonyturnerhair @tompecheux Another jam packed day thanks for the memories. A little pict from memory lane with @sarasampaio Sophia Neophitou @brian_atwood @eddieborgo #eddieborgo #brianatwood #takesavillage #vsfs2016 #vsfashionshow2016 #victoriassecret #victoriassecretfashionshow

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Alessandra Ambrosio


Countdown : Four more days to the show, more fittings dancers readjusting wings and a little research trip to a special Serkan @serkancuracouture secret palace of fantasy, normal Sunday then, love my job!! Gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio rocking her look! @alessandraambrosio Sophia Neophitou #victoriassecretfashionshow #victoriassecret #vsfs2016 #vsfashionshow2016 #alessandraambrosio2016 #janainamilheirowing #brianatwood #arpanaraya @brian_atwood @arpanaraya @victoriassecret

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Stella Maxwell


Five more days to the show, more fitting adjustments and fitting Lady Gaga. Of course Stella Maxwell @stellamaxwell coming back to fit her Finished wing!! Honestly so very excited to see all the pieces fall into place!! Happy day five countdown! Sophia Neophitou #victoriassecretfashionshow #victoriassecret #vsfashionshow #vsfs2016 #vsfashionshow2016 #vsfsparis2016 #stellamaxwell #stellamaxwell2016 #killer #barak #takesavillage @brian_atwood #brianatwood #eddieborgo @eddieborgo

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