Wednesday 12th June

| BY 10Magazine

Stella Mccartney Resort Collection 2014 Stella


Stella is very reptilian. There’s a lot of python. Printed python. Stella doesn’t do real python. I like to think that this was inspired by Stella standing in a field of wild flowers. It’s summer. There is sun. And a cool breeze. Suddenly she hears a hiss. She looks down and sees a snake. Snaking it’s way through the flowers towards her. Obviously she screams and probably runs. Anyway, in my head, thats the reason for the snaky and floral prints. Apparently it was inspired by “looking at the type of women who would have a snake tattoo”. Which would mean that the actual inspiration for this came from somewhere much tougher, and is probably some comment on mixing up hard and soft, but still, wouldn’t it be kind of amazing if it was all based on Stella running into a snake in a field.

by Natalie Dembinska