Wednesday 5th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Stan Smiths Go Veggie In The Hands Of Stella McCartney


SMC_W18_Stan Smith_Landscape_1200x1600_11

Stella McCartney is the queen of veggie fashion. Adidas’ Stan Smith are iconic trainers. These are two very important facts, almost as important as the news that the Brit designer has just launched a vegetarian version of the famed trainers. Coming to stores worldwide on September 10th and becoming available for pre-order today, the Stella McCartney x adidas Stan Smiths are the unassuming winter trainers you absolutely need.

The luxury here is in the details – instead of round holes, these Stan Smiths have Stella’s signature stars poked out in the shape of the Adidas signature three lines. “Many years ago, I was given a special pair of vegetarian leather Stan Smiths by my husband and Adidas and it occurred to me that you really couldn’t tell the difference between the real leather and the faux leather pair,” says our gal Stella when talking about the source of the inspiration for this unique collab. We don’t even need to stress the importance about environmental consciousness that designers like Stella bring into the industry. Instead of words, we’ll jump into our McCartney Stan Smiths and run around showing them off. That’s just how we do things here at Ten.