Friday 30th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

This Year’s Edition Of RCA’s Secret Postcards Exhibition Is Up For Grabs


Love yourself some original art but don’t have a parent/ partner/ job that’s able to support your ambitions of becoming the next Sadie Coles? Despair no more. Opening to the public at the Royal College of Arts, it’s the 25th edition of the Stewarts RCA Secret postcard exhibition. The set-up is pretty simple – 1,800 postcards created by a diverse bunch of contributors, which range from Ridley Scott and Grayson Perry to Sadie Williams and Maggi Hambling, have created original pieces in the form of postcards and they are up for grabs for only £60. The catch? You’re buying them blindly, without actually knowing who created which one. Launched in 1994 as a initiative supporting young artists as well as those established ones, Stewarts RCA Secret already count creatives like David Bowie, Zandra Rhodes, Yoko Ono and Tracey Emin in its alumni list.

After revealing all of the images yesterday at 9am, the exhibition of postcards is opening to all those hungry for some beauty at the RCA today. However, shopping time doesn’t happen until tomorrow when you will be able to buy your favourite pick (or picks, but no more than four) by signing up on the RCA Secret website and paying those well-earned 60 quid. And there’s plenty to choose from – some are more obvious than the others, but all come from completely different approaches to the format of a postcard. So, as soon as you buy your piece, the artist is revealed. So, who knows? You might just have the next big thing in your hands. Make sure to stretch your fingers – the online race is on.

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