Wednesday 9th September

| BY Jack Moss

Hussein Chalayan: Store Opening

Hussein Chalayan has a busy year ahead. Not content with premiering his first theatrical work at the end of October, Gravity’s Fatigue at Sadler’s Wells, he’s also opening his first store in fancy Mayfair later this month. A fitting way to celebrate the brand’s 21st birthday, I think you’ll agree. No signs of slowing down here. So what can we expect? Well, in typical Chayalan style, the store has a strong, futuristic air and gallery-like feel. Monochrome colour scheme. Clean white walls. A black boat installation that runs along down the centre. But it for the important for interior it not to overshadow the clothing – because, well, Chayalan’s clothing has always been really quite extraordinary. “The important thing is the creation of an environment, a backdrop, to the clothes, rather than over-designing the space,” says Chalayan, “The spatial design cannot wrestle with the content for importance.” Chayalan also wanted to make sure the space did not intimidate. “We want our space to be inviting – for people to walk in and feel relaxed. It has always been a dream to have a store in Mayfair.” Oh, and because Chayalan is a really rather intelligent man – read our interview in the latest issue of 10 Magazine if you need proof – the store will also play host to exhibitions, screenings and the odd dinner. A ‘cultural hub,’ if you like. So, head to Bourdon Street, where the store is located, this September – the perfect way to stretch both your brain and bank balance. As if we needed any other excuse.

The Chayalan store be located at No. 2 Bourdon Street, Mayfair and will open on September 21st

Photograph: Leon Chew