Monday 2nd November

| BY Jack Moss

Supreme x Levi’s Collaboration

Cheer up your Monday with a first look at the latest Supreme x Levi’s collaboration. Because it’s dead exciting. And there’s zebra print – a full, double-denim zebra print look, no less. Like the classic Canadian tuxedo has been treated to a Serengeti safari. I may be in an emotionally unstable state after a weekend of consuming the office’s combined body weight in alcohol, but this is now all I want to wear. I’m tearing off my all-black sweatshirt/jean combo as we speak. Luckily for me, the Supreme store is but a mere hop skip and a strut from Ten Towers, close enough to drag ourselves down there at the end of the week and still have the energy to elbow skater boys half our age out the way. Feel free to come down and watch – we’re not proud.

The collection hits Supreme London (2-3 Peter Street, W1F 0AA), New York and Tokyo. It’ll also be available from their online store.